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One of the main reasons players lose money at poker is by making a mistake. Some mistakes are more costly than others, some are that small that it has little effect. Here we look at the ‘Top 10 Poker Mistakes’ that players make. Hopefully you’ll be able to identify with some of these and make adjustments to save you money!

  1. Chasing Flush/Straight Draws With Incorrect Odds - This mistake is so expensive! A lot of players think Hold’em is a drawing game and will pay almost anything to draw to a hand regardless - wrong! Chasing draws with incorrect odds will cost you a lot of money in the long run.
  2. Poor Bankroll Management - Poor bankroll management often makes people play with scared money (money they can’t afford to lose). Therefore, they play differently to how they would usually which often results in making poor decisions, thus, making them lose the lot!

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  3. Limping Monster Hands Pre-Flop - A lot of players have a bad habit of limping AA/KK pre-flop with the intention of trapping their opponents. This is not the way to maximize your profits. Sometimes limping big hands can serve a purpose but in small stakes game raising is always the number 1 choice. By limping you are trapping yourself, not your opponent.
  4. Poor Table Selection - This mostly applies to cash games. You should be actively searching for the bad players. A lot of players will just sit at any table regardless, this is hurting your profits. Take a moment before you sit to examine the table. Find the bad players and sit as close to their left as possible.
  5. Raising For Information - This is generally a bad idea and is highly exploitable. Unless you have a very advanced knowledge on poker tells you should stick to just raising for value as this will probably save you money.
  6. Marrying A Hand - A lot of poor players sometimes just do not give up their hand. Sometimes they will try and win every hand they play and sometimes they will just randomly bluff wildly without knowing why. Part of becoming a winning poker player is knowing when your beat. If you bluff two streets and are quickly called both times, it may not be a good idea to bluff the river too, especially if they board hasn’t really changed. Everyone hates folding top pair+ and probably won’t. Give up the hand, swallow your pride and move on.
  7. Playing When Tilted - This happens so often it’s unreal. Most players reaction to losing money or receiving a bad beat is to keep playing or play higher stakes to recover lost money. Your making it 10 times harder for you to win by doing this. Stop playing and take a break! Come back when you have a clear head.
  8. Over Valuing Rag Aces - This is another common mistake. Some players never fold an ace pre-flop - mistake! Some players will bet their house, wife and kids on their hand when they flop top pair with A-2 - mistake! Always be aware of situations where you may be dominated. Think about your opponents hand too and never be afraid to fold a weak top pair hand to a lot of aggression.
  9. Not Reading - This mistake is criminal! Get it read and become a much better poker player! You won’t regret it.
  1. Having A Baby Picture As Your Avatar - All players who have a baby picture as their avatar are usually bad players. Don’t be one of them. At least try and look like a pro, maybe try a power ranger avatar if you are stuck for ideas :)