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Poker books are a huge part in learning excellent poker strategy. Poker Strategy Bible has listed the best poker books on the market to ensure you aren’t led down the wrong path. Any of these books will instantly improve your game and will always be an excellent point of reference if you ever become unsure on your game.

So what type of poker books are available and what can they teach me about poker? Well there are various poker books from many of the top professional players covering areas like:

Probably the best book to start with is what is commonly known as the ‘poker bible’. This is a book by the well known Doyle Brunson and is called ‘Super System’. The book covers pretty much everything and is often mentioned when pros talk about poker books, but beware, there are a lot of pages! Check them out below!

Doyle Brunson’s - Super System
Doyle Brunson’s - Super System II

More to follow!

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